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What is going on in Anchorage?
I remember hearing of snowzilla at least last year or maybe the year before. This year it seems to have gone crazy! I wonder what those at the city council might think if they looked back to see what would have happened if they had not made such a big deal about it. I am also wondering why they do not seem to be offering you options for snowzilla. Can you put it in a park or have a park for snowzilla’s in the area cause I am sure you are not the only gung ho snowzilla family?! I am thinking what a blast it would be to see 50 snowzilla’s in a park where they all could be seen standing in the sun like the heads in easter island looking to the 4 directions! All could be dressed in creative costumes and be a symbol for the passions that we humans are more than capable of. This would still allow you to put all your efforts to building bigger and better snowzillas and allow you to have a modest one at your wonderful home. I do hope to visit your city when it and some of its citizens have decided not to destroy the spirits of the laws and holidays we try to enjoy.
Shannah MacEachran

How awesome!!! I love it!
The city needs to get a grip…. Consider it a great tradition….instead of some big power play. Its harmless, as for the rest of the people complaining, hope your tears all freeze, cry babies!!!
Live on Snowzilla!!!!!!
Monica Morrison

Keep up the X-Mas spirit!!! Don’t let em get you down! The man don’t like it when WE express ourselves! WE should be just like everyone else… FIGHT THE POWER !!!!
Steve Josker

Tell the city to kiss it, and I don’t mean the snowman. Unless the dude (snowman) has a machine gun or is selling dope after everyone goes to bed they should leave him alone.

Rockin’ Snowzilla!!!
Snowzilla is fantastic!! Get a grip people - it’s fun!!!
Mary-Ann Dial

To deny someone the right to put a snowman in their own yard, what next… Where is the christmas spirit in this town office. We would love to have a snowman out front, here in S.Texas.. Apparently quite a amount of citizens love snowzilla, all those children delight in seeing him. Shame on the complaining neighbors and officials. It is a short lived season, lets’ enjoy it one and all.. Give Billy a Happy New Year along with Snowzilla…..
Roberts Household

Good for you and the neighbourhood. Screw those weenies at city hall. Don’t give cash back, after fines are paid, donate it to a local charity.

This is the reason people need to vote - are these elected people against Snowzilla? Vote them out of office if they are!! GO SNOW!
Melissa S

Although I love the giant snowman why would I send money to a guy who is a consistant lawbreaker and who is a nuisance to his neighbors? Why couldn’t this be someone normal, without a history of BS with the city? If that was the case I would donate.
Tony After hearing all the problems this snowman is giving the officials.I hope he is built every year….
I don’t see anything wrong with celebrating the holiday’s with a really neat snowman. If we got enough snow I would be building one of great size as well…Now I wish we had more snow,I would be out there right now building…
These official have apparently nothing better to do with their time,except to cause issues.
I think they have forgotton what it is like to have fun…
I think it is great that you built this snowman,bigger the better…
You have “Constitutional Rights” and it is on YOUR property and you did ask neigbors if it was ok to build…that should be plenty…
I think these officials need to find something else to occupy their time,other than hasseling you about a snowman…I will melt for crying out load….I think they need to have “POWER CONTROL” to make themselves feel inmportant…But I think that when they are giving you issues,they make ASS’S of themselve…How rediculous to complain about this.
Every childs dream is to build the BIGGEST,BEST SNOWMAN ever and guess what, you did , HOW COOL IS THAT!!!
Good luck with all this stupity..I stand 100% behind you in keeping “SNOWZILLA returning…..
Happy Holidays to you and your family….
I have to say the your kids should be very proud of you to build such a magical snowman….. Brenda Peoples, Lakewood,Wa

If I had any money to donate, I would!! I absolutely love Snowzilla. He is a classic epitome of the Christmas spirit. I can’t believe that someone would want to destroy that. Kudos to whoever rebuilt him. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas Powers family and hope you have a Happy New Year!!
Susan Franklin, Wichita, KS

Snowzilla is an amazing gift to the community, the city needs to just step away and allow the enjoyment happen.

I love snowzilla!!!
It’s what the world needs more of!!!
Maybe if we build more snowmen
The world will be more peacfull…..????
Thanks…. Made my Christmas …

Just make it biggger
i know the kids have to love your 25 foot snowman ..make them love it more go for 40 foot .ha ha ha ….. keep up the good work
Ohio Guy

Happiness and smilesHow often do you get the opportunity to affect people around the WORLD with smiles, spirit, and sacrifice (the hours they spend gladly creating) in the most simplest way? I feel you all the way from California. I wish I could drive there myself…or park the car and walk in for that matter. This is awesome!! All the talks of war, lives lost, fraud, bailouts, dow dropping, jobs being lost, unemployment going broke…what is wrong with your neighbors and city government??!!! Life is toooo short. Find happiness where the smiles are….THANK YOU for the ones you’ve given us!!!!!!!

We have very fond memories of Snowzilla…
My husband and I visited my brother and sister in law in Anchorage two years ago. One of our must-see stops was Snowzilla.
My brother and I were raised in Portland OR, where a wonderful tradition exists on one small street. Called Peacock Lane, the neighbors get together every year and outdecorate each other, then in the evenings, they set up cocoa stands and talk to the throngs of visitors who walk past the incredible displays.
I’m sorry to see that the neighbors and the city of Anchorage do not take advantage of this media worthy event. There’s plenty of snow, and no reason to not get creative to bring in tourists and locals alike to celebrate the season and get to know one another. I’ll tell you, there is nothing more special than having a cup of cocoa bought from one of the homeowners kids and having a great conversation about the setup, tradition and news from the people who made such a great community event happen.
Let’s hope the Anchorage neighbors can get into the spirit of the season - join in and make a few bucks off of the traffic (whether to donate to charity or a kid’s college fund), get to know each other, and celebrate. I hope someone reads this and takes it to heart.
We have a lot of memorable and fun pictures from our wintertime stay in Anchorage including the Snowzilla, and I continue to highly recommend to friends and family to visit Anchorage in the winter - it is just as magical and beautiful! And I hope Snowzilla continues to be part of that trip for others in the future.
Melissa Ngaruri

I am so sorry that a mayor, and others do not believe in the freedom of expression. That pile of snow, has given others ideas of hope and can make the stories comes alive. Like Jack frost. When growing up, making a snowman with the family was at one time so much fun,and remembered for so long. Yet, when and if it snows here, the kids enjoy the snow so much.

whoo hooo for the big snowman
This is effin wicked ass snowman….leave the dude and his 7 kids alone! let em build it up.
now u dont bother the pple that do up their houses with lights and lights all over their yard and house do ya? there are many attractions around, and its his property after all.
Kelly Dubois I don’t have any pictures but I would just like to ask…
What the heck is the difference if someone has their house all decorated up for the holidays & you get a lot of traffic in the neighborhood from people coming to see that? Is the City of Anchorage going to tell the homeowner they can’t decorate because the neighborhood streets weren’t made to handle the heavy traffic flow???
I don’t see a difference here other than the fact that someone either in City Hall or the neighborhood is nothing but a big GRINCH!! A Snowzilla Fan

I think it’s perfect that Alaska is the biggest state and has such a large snowman. I only wish I could see it in person. This things awesome!
Another Fan

Yeah, I’ll donate to help Mr. Powers! I’m so tired of political correctness, local and federal government meddling in private citizen’s affairs and so on. Good luck Mr. Powers! Hope you nail the idiots who run Anchorage. And I hope voters there remember this when election time rolls around!
Eddie Star

Why not? if the officials allow to contructions that are hazardous why not a snowman? because it don’t pay taxes?

Everything is bigger in Texas, or so the saying goes. Snowzilla, thought, proves that isn’t always the case. I wish I could see Snowzilla up close and pay my respects to the protesting snowmen camping out on the cold pavement. It doesn’t make sense… if people can go hog wild (that’s a Texas term!) with Christmas decorations, why not a gianormous snowman? Heck, the city should pay you to make a Snowzilla on city property so they can use it as a tourist attraction, make a snowman building contest festival or something.
Anyway, keep up the good work!
Texans The snowman should stay!!! I wish I had enough man power to build one in my yard here in Salt Lake City!!! Heaven knows it dumped enough last night to do so. The snowman is awesome. I hope next year Frosty will just be as big or bigger. Tell the Grinch officials to calm down. It’s the holiday season. Gheez next thing you know they will prohibit Christmas lights.
Best Wishes,
Your Friend here in Salt Lake City Utah Janice Jakeman

Land use codes?
What land use codes has he been violating? $100,000 in fines is nothing to sniff at… Must be doing something else to pissem off that badly.

If I could only build such a snowman, I’d be the envy of the neighborhood. Actually the whole city….. the whole country too.
The snow man could be of anysize.
Most of my neighbors, if they’ve ever heard of snow, still think it is a myth.
But, what can you expect where in the coldest part of winter it might did down into the 70′… maybe.
Be it known I support your efforts and wish you the best.
Holiday greetings from Pattaya, Thailand
Chris Peters

To the Citizens of Anchorage:
Build more giant snowmen… and snow creatures of every type… or maybe a giant snow jesus and mary and a nativity… oh boy that will get your idiot city leadership hopping won’t it! .. have fun.. make it a new community tradition… get to know your neighbors and torment your pinheaded city officials! Build giant snow men on every street!
I wish I could be there to help…
snowless in Texas!

The city says that Mr. Powers has ignored land use codes for 15 years and has accumulated over 100,000 in fines. AND THIS IS WHERE THEY CHOOSE TO DRAW THE LINE? Over a snow man? What a bunch of pin heads! It makes me wonder what the alleged land use violations are? Do the city leaders realize just how silly they look… in the public relations battle it’s billy powers 1 city 0.

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