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Could this really be Snowzilla’s son?


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Found the perfect woman for snowzilla.
Good luck and a magic Christmas

Elma en Jim Marrone

Snowzilla finds love?

Snowzilla finds love?

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ANCHORAGE, Alaska– On Monday it was a heaping pile of snow but overnight the international sensation Snowzilla had been resurrected.

At 25 feet tall, the giant snowman outside an Airport Heights home on Columbine Street is even bigger than years past, drawing crowds of onlookers marveling at its size.

But some neighbors and city officials call it an eyesore that violates city codes.

This year, the city ordered creator Billy Powers not to build the giant snowman, but Powers pressed on.

“There was a little bit of bah humbug’ from the city, but I don’t really dwell on that,” Powers said.

But city officials think maybe it’s time Powers should.

“If all Mr.Powers was doing was operaing snowzilla’, I don’t think we’d be having this conversation,” city manager Mike Abbott said. “I don’t think his neighbors would be that concerned, and I’m not sure the city would be. But because he has been so determined to disobey most of the land use codes in Anchorage at this property for so long, his neighbors have just run out of patience.”

City officials said Powers has ignored land use codes for 13 years, and racked up more than $100,000 in fines.

However, if they decide to do anything about it they say they’ll wait until after Christmas.

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A giant snowman named Snowzilla has mysteriously appeared again this year, despite a cease-and-desist order. Someone built the giant snowman in a man’s front yard in Anchorage, Alaska. (Dec. 24)
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It seems that in support of the cause of snowzilla a few snowman have taken to the streets, utilizing their constitutional rights to express their opinions vocally.  Indeed, it can be seen that 7 very angry snowman are currently picketing outside of the entrance to Anchorage’s city hall.  Their chants were difficult to understand because I don’t speak ’snow’ but their english signs were apparently in support of their distant 25 foot tall cousin snowzilla, whom the Anchorage governmental officials have demanded must be torn down.  They have vowed to continue demonstrating their support and love for their fellow snowman snowzilla.
Here are some pictures that I snapped as I saw them outside. 
-Anonymous Defenders of Snowzilla






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Billy Powers would be proud to know you are considering building a Snowzilla in your hometown. The Original Giant snowman currently resides in Anchorage, Alaska standing over 16 feet tall and causing quite a stir. This Winter Wonderland can only mean plenty of snow and lots of energy from the kids. With that combination you, too, can make a Snowzilla, here’s how!!!

Things you will need:
MORE snow
Odds and Ends Around the house for arms, eyes, nose and a smile!
Several Step Ladders

Step 1:
Start with a basis of snow. This is where you are going to need shovels. The current Snowzilla is over 20 feet in diameter so you need to start packing it in tight. You may want to consider extra neighbors help on this as well. The first tier of the snowman needs to be over 6 feet high.

Step 2:
The middle part of the snowman is about a third small than your snowman base. It must be started after the base of the snowman is complete and steady. Start by filling cube shaped buckets and unloading them on to the base. As it begins to take shape, the second ball (the stomach) will be formed.

Step 3:
Finally, the head or last snowball needs to be placed on top. Depending on your final size Snowzilla, it needs to be about a third less than the middle snowball. Starting the final snowball on the ground, then once the ball becomes bigger is the easiest option. Once it does become big enough, but not too big, it needs to be rolled up to the top of the snowman. Use 2×4’s to move the snow up by rotating the ball.

Step 4:
The Final step is putting on the arms, hat and face. As every Snowzilla is different, you have to use what items you have available. Brooms make excellent hands! Just make sure your Snowzilla is smiling to share it with the world.

Tips and Warnings

  • Making a snowman of this mass will take a few days, unless like Mr. Billy Powers, your friends show up and overnight, amazingly, the Snowzilla appears at daybreak.
  • Don’t forget to take a snapshot and send it to your friends and family.
  • This could take several days. You may rather find wait until next year. You can always enjoy the Original Snowzilla.

By Jodi Jill, eHow Member,

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Video by Marc Lester of Anchorage Daily News. Interview with the orginal Snowzilla creator Billy Powers.

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Because of a few ill-hearted neighbors, Snowzilla may be no more. Too much traffic over the last few years to get a glimpse of Anchorage’s most beloved snowperson, has caused Snowzilla’s creator to put this year’s plan on ice. The neighborhood kids have been helping him construct Snowzilla each year. What’s next…no more Christmas lights on our homes?
Thanks to Holly McDonald (ram99508)

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Snowzilla rises from the dead

Anchorage Daily News (

Snowzilla, the giant snowman city officials tried to prevent from being built this year, appeared suddenly this morning at his usual winter home in East Anchorage.


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Giant snowman deemed a public nuisance, safety hazard

Anchorage’s famous giant snow man, Snowzilla, finally met its match.
It wasn’t the weather. It wasn’t angry neighbors bearing shovels and pick axes.

It turns out Snowzilla’s biggest foe — the one who felled the controversial but much-loved giant — was a notice-bearing city code enforcement officer.

That’s right, Snowzilla was abated.

It was just a few years ago that 16-foot-tall Snowzilla arose in a residential yard in Airport Heights, launching an annual procession of local gawkers and an international media blitz.

Camera crews came from Russia and Japan.

But Snowzilla attracted a lot of naysayers too.

Not everybody in the neighborhood liked all the cars and visitors.

So, city officials have deemed Snowzilla a public nuisance and safety hazard.

A few weeks ago, city code enforcers left three red signs at Snowzilla’s bottom body ball telling its builders to cease and desist.

The city also tacked a public notice on the door of the Powers family home at 1556 Columbine St. The Powers family and some of their neighbors have been building Snowzilla in the Powers’ front yard since 2005.

When the notices went up, Snowzilla still didn’t have a full torso or head.

“The kids had spent hours and hours of work on it,” Billy Powers said on Sunday.

City officials involved in the cease-and-desist order could not be reached for comment on Sunday.

But on Dec. 11, the city notified the Airport Heights community council about its decision to abate Snowzilla, telling council members that the two-story snowman caused increased traffic to the point of endangerment and that the structure itself was unsafe.

The city also asked council members to watch out for continued construction and to consider weighing in on Snowzilla at an upcoming, council members said.

At last Thursday’s community council meeting, no one offered a Snowzilla-related motion. “We’re not really a policing agency,” said Becky Kurtz, the council president.

Now, Snowzilla is just a big pile of snow rubble.

Powers said he doesn’t plan to rebuild.

He can’t.

Under the city’s nuisance abatement order, if he tries, he could get arrested.


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