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Chapter one of a multipart series featuring Snowzilla, Anchorage’s favorite giant snowman. In this first chapter, we see Snowzilla’s 3 lawyers walking to City Hall. Stay tuned for chapter 2, “Snowzilla Meets the Mayor.”

ANCHORAGE, Alaska– On Monday it was a heaping pile of snow but overnight the international sensation Snowzilla had been resurrected.
At 25 feet tall, the giant snowman outside an Airport Heights home on Columbine Street is even bigger than years past, drawing crowds of onlookers marveling at its size.
But some neighbors and city officials call it [...]

A giant snowman named Snowzilla has mysteriously appeared again this year, despite a cease-and-desist order. Someone built the giant snowman in a man’s front yard in Anchorage, Alaska. (Dec. 24)
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Video by Marc Lester of Anchorage Daily News. Interview with the orginal Snowzilla creator Billy Powers.

Because of a few ill-hearted neighbors, Snowzilla may be no more. Too much traffic over the last few years to get a glimpse of Anchorage’s most beloved snowperson, has caused Snowzilla’s creator to put this year’s plan on ice. The neighborhood kids have been helping him construct Snowzilla each year. What’s next…no more Christmas lights [...]