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Well, let’s hope by the time this column prints, we will have seen the last of the snow fall for this season. Then again, you never know what will happen in our area. Some seasons we barely get enough to cover the ground; other seasons we have white stuff piled up and weather cold enough [...]

Giant snowman makes appearance in Alaska, growing every year. Ours fits on your wall.
For the past three years, a giant snowman named Snowzilla has magically appeared in the front yard in a residential neighborhood in Anchorage, Alaska. It has grown each year from a 16-foot-tall youngster in 2005 when it first appeared, to an impressive [...]

Building a snowman downtown at the railroad depot will not be the same as Snowzilla, no matter how much city officials try to claim it will be.
By Dakota Powers
The Snowzilla that resides in my front yard is a member of my family. He is unique, and an absolute replica would never be possible. The magic [...]

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Today Snowzilla creator Billy R. Powers and creator Jens Christensen were interviewed on the Jay Thomas show on Sirius Satellite and XM radio, NY.
You can hear the replay of the show and interview on Sirius Satellite and online on from 8.00pm ET.
Go Snowzilla!
Check out Jay Thomas at

Festival’s version would be even taller
The first thing he’ll need is a name. 
Frosty Kong?
Or maybe just “Son of Snowzilla.”
Indeed, the city is likely to face another giant snowman this winter. But unlike the renegade Snowzilla — that 25-foot behemoth that appeared in Airport Heights last week despite a city ban — this one has the [...]

Billy Ray Powers have sent us the following pictures.

Every year for the past three years a massive snowman has risen from Billy Power’s yard in Anchorage, Alaska. Starting out at nearly 16 feet tall his first year, the snowman has grown larger each year reaching a whopping estimated 25 feet this year. As might be expected, the snowman, dubbed “Snowzilla,” has annually drawn [...]

Consider them Snowzilla’s army.
A group of snowman protesters — apparently rallying in support of the towering Anchorage outlaw — appeared on Christmas Day in front of City Hall. They carried signs that read “Snowzilla needs a bailout” and “Snowmen have rights too.”
Snowzilla creator Billy Ray Powers said he had nothing to do with the protest, [...]

Could this really be Snowzilla’s son?