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Building a snowman downtown at the railroad depot will not be the same as Snowzilla, no matter how much city officials try to claim it will be.
By Dakota Powers
The Snowzilla that resides in my front yard is a member of my family. He is unique, and an absolute replica would never be possible. The magic [...]

We have just opened the online Snowzilla Support Shop.
All proceeds go to the Snowzilla cause!
Many items have been added, and we are currently working to make more items with other Snowzilla related designs.
The items come in various colors and sizes.
Here is an example:

Today Snowzilla creator Billy R. Powers and creator Jens Christensen were interviewed on the Jay Thomas show on Sirius Satellite and XM radio, NY.
You can hear the replay of the show and interview on Sirius Satellite and online on from 8.00pm ET.
Go Snowzilla!
Check out Jay Thomas at

Chapter one of a multipart series featuring Snowzilla, Anchorage’s favorite giant snowman. In this first chapter, we see Snowzilla’s 3 lawyers walking to City Hall. Stay tuned for chapter 2, “Snowzilla Meets the Mayor.”