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Festival’s version would be even taller
The first thing he’ll need is a name. 
Frosty Kong?
Or maybe just “Son of Snowzilla.”
Indeed, the city is likely to face another giant snowman this winter. But unlike the renegade Snowzilla — that 25-foot behemoth that appeared in Airport Heights last week despite a city ban — this one has the [...]

Billy Ray Powers have sent us the following pictures.

Every year for the past three years a massive snowman has risen from Billy Power’s yard in Anchorage, Alaska. Starting out at nearly 16 feet tall his first year, the snowman has grown larger each year reaching a whopping estimated 25 feet this year. As might be expected, the snowman, dubbed “Snowzilla,” has annually drawn [...]

Consider them Snowzilla’s army.
A group of snowman protesters — apparently rallying in support of the towering Anchorage outlaw — appeared on Christmas Day in front of City Hall. They carried signs that read “Snowzilla needs a bailout” and “Snowmen have rights too.”
Snowzilla creator Billy Ray Powers said he had nothing to do with the protest, [...]

Could this really be Snowzilla’s son?

Found the perfect woman for snowzilla.
Good luck and a magic Christmas
Elma en Jim Marrone

ANCHORAGE, Alaska– On Monday it was a heaping pile of snow but overnight the international sensation Snowzilla had been resurrected.
At 25 feet tall, the giant snowman outside an Airport Heights home on Columbine Street is even bigger than years past, drawing crowds of onlookers marveling at its size.
But some neighbors and city officials call it [...]

A giant snowman named Snowzilla has mysteriously appeared again this year, despite a cease-and-desist order. Someone built the giant snowman in a man’s front yard in Anchorage, Alaska. (Dec. 24)
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It seems that in support of the cause of snowzilla a few snowman have taken to the streets, utilizing their constitutional rights to express their opinions vocally.  Indeed, it can be seen that 7 very angry snowman are currently picketing outside of the entrance to Anchorage’s city hall.  Their chants were difficult to understand because [...]

Billy Powers would be proud to know you are considering building a Snowzilla in your hometown. The Original Giant snowman currently resides in Anchorage, Alaska standing over 16 feet tall and causing quite a stir. This Winter Wonderland can only mean plenty of snow and lots of energy from the kids. With that combination you, [...]